Q:- You find out that contractor have carried out RT as the 10% contractual percentage required by the specification code. The specification also insists that an additional 2 weld, radiographed for every weld that is failed. One of the pipe’s spools had an au acceptable defect which the contractor has ignored and radiographed another weld in its place which is acceptable, what would be your course of action be?

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  1. As long as the other radiograph butt weld is acceptable it’s ok, as the 10% condition percentage required by the specification code has been satisfied
  2. This is usual practice as 10% NDT is really not important
  3. Review the original failed weld and insist they have the additional 2 welds radiographed
  4. Review the original have it failed weld and repaired , radiographed , then I would insist that they have an additional 2 weld radiographed

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