What Books do I Need for CWI Exam?

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What Books Recommended to Study for CWI Test? 

I would suggest the “Welding Inspector’s Handbook” available from American Welding Society AWS. If you take the American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector Training seminar, you will be given a stack of books to study.

If you don’t take the CWI Training seminar, Buy the following books:

  • Welding Inspection Technology and Workbook
  • AWS A2.4 Welding and NDT Symbols
  • AWS A3.0 Terms and Definitions

To pass the CWI Exam, you will need to get 72% marks from Each Part.

Go to the AWS American Welding Society website, they have downloadable versions of Part B, and other aids.  Click Here to Downloads Free AWS CWI Books from American Welding Society online bookstore

There is lots of welding symbols questions, maybe 16. So know those cold. Lots of questions on welding processed, too.

You will have to know how to use a micrometer and dial caliper

Calculate cross sectional area of a round and rectangular piece.

Calculate ultimate tensile strength, elongation, and reduction in area using both US customary units as well as metric conversions.

The hard part will be to identify various weld discontinuities using plastic weld replicas and measure weld sizes, undercut, etc.

You will be provided with a “welding standard” that is a compilation of AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX, and a little API thrown in for good measure. The trick is to read the specification without allowing your day to day experience influence your decision on accepting or rejecting welds.  Use only the criteria listed in the specification.

I understand it used to be harder, with much more math. The one week immediately preceding the tests is invaluable. They really drum it into your head.

The AWS CWI Training Seminar is definitely worth it. And then the one week class AWS CWI gives right before the test is excellent.

There are three parts of tests involved, and they have to be completed in 2 hours each part. The first part is (Part A) General Knowledge and is 150 questions closed book.

The second part is Part B, The Part B is practical test. Part B is the accumulate welding standard GTAW referral. This is where most candidates who miss the test mess up. Part of the reason is the samples are pretty beat up and may confuse candidates. With the good preparation it will go well. Another part is if you have so many years of experience in inspecting, it may well work against you. As GTAW mentions, accept or reject based on the supplied test only. Some of the porosity is unbelievably huge, but depending on the criteria is acceptable.

The third is Part C, The Part C is your Code section. I tested with API 1104 (Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities) and it sounds like you will be also. Both Part B and Part C is open book, so memorization of formulae won’t be an issue.

People also ask:

Good Luck !! Wish this blog post will be help. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Please Contact To Puneet Sharma via phone: +91-8196980555 or by email at aws.cwi.training@gmail.com to reserve your place early and to be issued a CWI application.

If you want to Attend AWS CWI Seminar, Please fill out the Enquiry Form and Get More Details:


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