AWS CWI Questions

Q:-Cast and helix are terms that refers to

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A. Ingredients in the flux coating
B. Bead deposition techniques for distortion control
C.quality of the welding wires
D. Sources from which wires are drawn


Q:- Undercutting adjacent to the final bead on the outside of production pipe welds shall:

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1. Not be permitted
2. Not be more than 1/32 inch or 12.5% of the pipe wall thickness, whichever is smaller
3. Not be more than 1/8 inch or 6% of the pipe wall thickness, whichever is smaller
4. Always be acceptable if the inspector does not see it
5. None of the above

What is an active flux?

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1. A material used to clean surfaces of the joint through continued chemical reaction
2. A material used to protect the molten weld pool during welding
3. A material used to aid fusion
4. All of the above