Duties of Welding Inspector

Q:- Under most circumstances, which of the following do you consider to be duties of a welding inspector?

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1. The supervision of welders  

2. Procedure writing  

3. Qualifying welders  

4. All of the Above

Q:- What is the package number and explain?

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Package one stands for Distillation & Hydro treating unit.Package one stands for Distillation and  Hydrotreating unit.Different units are:

  • 91/92- High Pressure Hydro Desulphurization
  • 101/102- Low Pressure Hydro Desulphurization
  • 111/112-Naphtha Hydrotreater Unit
  • 151/152- Distillation and Hydrotreating Hydrogen Unit
  • 155- Off Gas PSA Unit
  • 150-Hydrogen storage unit
  • 011/012- Crude Distillation Unit/ Vacuum Distillation Unit

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