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Q:- When automatic or semiautomatic welding is used, which of the following shall be removed by grinding before welding over them?

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1. Surface Porosity Clusters
2. Bead Starts
3. High Points
4. All of the above
5. None of the above


Q:- In a fillet weld fracture test the specimen is broken with

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1. The fillet weld in tesnsion
2. The fillet weld in compression
3. No specific method need to be adapted
4. Suitable machining

Q:- To BS 499 part 2, which of the following is true for a welding symbol?

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1. This or arrow side of the joint goes on top of the reference line
2. This or arrow side of the joint goes below the reference line
3. This or arrow side of the joint goes in the middle of the reference line
4. All of the above

What is an active flux?

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1. A material used to clean surfaces of the joint through continued chemical reaction
2. A material used to protect the molten weld pool during welding
3. A material used to aid fusion
4. All of the above

Q:- High intensity energy beams are associated with which of the following welding process

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1. Laser
2. Electron beam
3. Plasma
4. All of the above

Q:- What F – number(s) apply to the proper filler metal for this qualification?

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A. 1 and 6
B. 2 and 6
C. 1 and 4
D. 4 only
E. 1 only