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Q:-High Phosphorous contents in carbon steels may cause :

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(a) Cold shortness.

(b) Hot shortness.

(c) An increase in ductility.

(d) An increase in malleability.


Q:- How do you convert psi to N/mm2 :

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(a) Divide by 144.9.

(b) Multify by 25.4.

(c) Divide by 14.7.

(d) Multify by 14.7.

Q:-How many Mpa are equal to 1 N/mm2 :

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(a) 144.9.

(b) 25.4.

(c) 14.7.

(d) 1.

Q:- What is the UTS of a material :

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(a) The proof stress.

(b) The maximum load a specimen can withstand.

(c) The limit of proportionality.

(d) The point of plastic deformation.

Q:- What is the purpose of a rectifier :

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(a) To adjust the voltage.

(b) To adjust the amperage.

(c) To covert ac to dc.

(d) To reduce the chance of arc strike.

Q:- welding process using equipment with a flat characteristic :

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(a) Will require a permanent or temporary backing to be pre placed on the Root side of the welds.

(b) Has the advantage of being able to use any type or size of electrode.

(c) Is likely to be using an electrode less than 2 mm dia.

(d) Is likely to be using an electrode more than 2 mm dia.

Q:- Which of the following is discontinuity which might be found in sand casting :

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(a) Incomplete penetration.
(b) Undercut.
(c) Pipe.
(d) Shrinkage.