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Q:- Would you consider using a 5mm electrode for vertical up root runs in a 6G (HL045) fixed position pipe?

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  1. Yes ,it is compatibility 
  2. Yes but this would depend upon the welder skill 
  3. No, it is not the most suitable electrode coating type 
  4. No, the electrode should have been smaller in diameter

What is different between back weld and backing weld?

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What is different between back weld and backing weld?

What is different between back weld and backing weld?

Q:-What is a typical arc voltage setting when welding with the TIG(GTAW) process?

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  1. 18-20v
  2. 24-26v
  3. 10-12v
  4. 70-90v

Q:- Asymmetrical weld symbols to EN 22553 are:

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  • The same side of the arrow
  • Different each side of the arrow
  • Show fillet weld only
  • Show butt weld only

Q:- Tig perameter setting in plus

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  • peak I can’t
  • peak frequency
  • peak dilation
  • All of the above

AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training Seminar & Exam In Mumbai

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AWS Certified Welding Inspector Course in Mumbai AWS CWI Seminar & Exam In Mumbai

The American Welding Society CWI Training Seminar and Exam are coming to Mumbai on April 24, 2015 . Provided by Eurotech AWS Agent

This is your chance to take your welding career to the next level.

If you are interested to attend our AWS CWI 6 Day Preparatory Seminar and One day Exam program, you can write or call me to assist you.

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