Plan Your Career With AWS CWI Certification

Plan Your Career With AWS CWI Certification

The AWS CWI is widely recognized, both on the national and international front, and successful companies always rely on this certification to ensure the highest level of quality workmanship.

Eligible for AWS CWI Program

To be Eligible for AWS CWI Program, you must pass a Vision Test and have a combination of
Qualifying Education and Work Experience, with Supporting Documentation

No.      Some Common Exam Criteria         

  1. Associate or Higher Degree in Engineering Technology,
  2. High School Diploma Plus Two or more Years Engineering/Technical School Courses Engineering, or a Physical Science
  3. High School Diploma plus One Year Engineering/Technical School Courses or one or more Years of Vocational Education and training in a Welding Curriculum
Min. Work Experience
  1. 3 Years
  2. 3 Years
  3. 4 Years

Examination Requirements for CWI


Applicant shall pass Examination as follow:

Applicant shall pass Examination as follow:

Investment vs. Return

To apply for AWS-CWI exam, you have to pay INR 22000/ Training fees (to Eurotech) + D.D of USD 

900 payable in favour offer to the AWS (American Welding Society).
Investment vs. Return

Why people do not decide to go for AWS-CWI?

  • Lack of knowledge about AWS-CWI exam
  • Ambiguity about growth after exam
  • Exam fees too high
  • Ambiguity about Good salary after exam

Below are some tools to clear the AWS-CWI exam:

Why people do not decide to go for AWS-CWI?

Why to choose Eurotech?

Why to choose Eurotech?
If you are interested to attend our AWS CWI program, you can write or call me to assist you.
Thanks & Regards,
Puneet Sharma
Eurotech ACS Pvt. Ltd.

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