api 1104 20th edition

Q:- For procedure qualification, the exposed surfaces of each nick-break specimen shall show:

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1. No slag inclusions over 1/4 inch
2. At least 3/4 inches of sound weld metal between inclusions
3. Complete penetration and fusion
4. The tensile strength of the sample

Q:- For pipe ends of the same nominal wall thickness, the alignment offset requirement is:

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1. Not more than 1/4 inch
2. Not more than 1/8 inch
3. Not more than 1/32 inch
4. If misalignment is larger than 1/16 inch due to dimensional variations, it shall be equally
distributed around the circumference of the pipe.
5. None of the above

Q:- For welder qualification, the specimens shall be prepared for tensile-strength, nick-break, and bend tests. When tensile-strength tests are omitted:

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1. The welder is not qualified
2. The weld must be redone
3. The is not covered in API 1104
4. Tensile-Strength specimens shall be subject to the nick-break test
5. Extra face bends must be tested