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AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training /Exam Schedule/Calendar 2021

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AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Course Training Seminar and Exam Schedule/Calendar 2021

AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training Exam  Schedule for the Year 2021

Attend Our Next, AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Seminar Exam Schedule in India 2021





Month  Seminar Dates  Exam Date  City
IN72421  January  18th Jan to 24th Jan  25th Jan  Chennai
IN72821  February  8th Feb to 14th Feb  15th Feb  Delhi
IN73021  February  20th Feb to 26th Feb  27th Feb  Mumbai
IN73221  March  2nd March to 8th March  9th March  Cochin
IN73521  March  8th March to 14th March  15th March  Ahmedabad
IN73821  April  4th April to 10th April  11th April  Chennai
IN74321  May  3rd May to 9th May  10th May  Cochin
IN74721  May  24th May to 30th May  31st May  Mumbai
IN74821  June  9th June to 15th June  16th June  Chennai
10  IN75121  June  14th June to 20th June  21st June  Ahmedabad
11  IN75321  July  3rd July to 9th July  10th July  Cochin
12  IN75621  July  15th July to 21st July  22nd July  Delhi
13  IN75921  August  4th Aug to 10th August  11th Aug.  Chennai
14  IN76321  September  1st Sept to 7th Sept  8th Sept  Ahmedabad
15  IN76521  September  15th Sept to 21st Sept  22nd Sept.  Cochin
16  IN76721  September  21st Sept to 27th Sept  28th Sept.  Mumbai
17  IN77121  October  17th Oct to 23rd Oct  24th Oct.  Chennai
18  IN77421  November  12th Nov to 18th Nov  19th Nov.  Cochin
19  IN77821  November  26th Nov to 2nd Dec  3rd Dec.  Delhi
20  IN77921  December  2nd Dec to 8th Dec  9th Dec.  Ahmedabad
21  IN78021  December  4th Dec to 10th Dec  11th Dec.  Chennai
22  IN78121  December  11th Dec to 17th Dec  18th Dec.  Cochin
23  IN78221  December  13th Dec to 19th Dec  20th Dec.  Mumbai

We are glad to inform you that Eurotech has announced its AWS CWI 6 Days Training and 1 Day Exam schedule for 2021. We are going to organize our new courses of AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector for Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad India.

 Eurotech Announced AWS CWI Training Schedule/Calendar in India 2021

So anyone who wants to become an AWS approved CWI Certified welding Inspector can join our AWS CWI Seminar and get this prestigious certification and leads to greater heights in his career.

Click Here To See AWS CWI Training Schedule for India 2021

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CWI Exam Study Plan | Tips for become a CWI | CWI Exam Preparation Details

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Eurotech Providing All information About AWS CWI Seminar, if you want you can click Here to Get All information before taking AWS CWI Exam. AWS CWI Training Program PPT
1. AWS CWI Certification Program with Eurotech
2. Vision of Eurotech
3. Value of CWI Certificate
4. Functions and Capabilities of CWI Inspector
5. Welding Inspectors Capabilities based on Qualification Level
6. Advantages to Industries by CAWI/CWI/SCWI
7. Are you eligible for CWI Program? Check your eligible for CWI Exam
8. AWS-CWI Examination Requirements
9. Overview of AWS-CWI Seminar
10.CWI Seminar and Exam Fees
11. AWS-CWI Seminar and Exam Documents Required
12. Reference Documents for CWI Exam
13. Eurotech’s AWS CWI Exam Schedule for 2016 in India
14. Check your knowledge in Welding
15. Want Job? Register yourself at

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Join Our AWS CWI Training Seminar in New Delhi

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Join Our AWS CWI Training Seminar in New Delhi
Join Our AWS CWI Training Seminar in New Delhi

Are you Looking for AWS CWI Training Seminar in New Delhi?

Dear QC Heads,
We are happy to tell you that Eurotech is going to start its next 7 days AWS-CWI certification program for the New Delhi location. Those who are interested for the exam and want to become an AWS approved Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) then Eurotech is the best choice to do with.
We are an authorized agent of American Welding Society (AWS) for their training and Exam in India. So come forward and register for the course today as registration has started for the Chennai course.
Click Here to register for this Eurotech AWS CWI Certified welding inspector Training Seminar New Delhi Nov 2015

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Q:- For the structure termed martensitic to form in a c-mn steel it must first be heated to just below a critical temperature and rapidly cooled

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  • Just below its lower critical temperature and rapidly cooled
  • A maximum temperature of 550*C then rapidly cooled
  • Above its upper critical temperature and slowly furnace cooled
  • A full transformation to austenite then rapidly cooled