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Q:- When automatic or semiautomatic welding is used, which of the following shall be removed by grinding before welding over them?

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1. Surface Porosity Clusters
2. Bead Starts
3. High Points
4. All of the above
5. None of the above


Q:-When considering the advantages of site RT over UT which of the following applies?

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1. A permanent record produced, good for detecting defects which do not have significant depth in relation to axis of the X-ray beam and defect identification
2. A permanent record produced, good for detecting all surface and sub-surface defects and assessing the through thickness depths of defects
3. A permanent record produced, defect identification not so reliant on operator skill
4. No controlled areas required on site, a permanent record produced and good for assessing the extent of pipe wall thickness reductions due to internal corrosio