aws cwi test questions

Q:-Lineup clamps shall be used for butt welds in accordance with the procedure specification. When it is permissible to remove the lineup clamp before the root bead is completed:

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1. The completed part of the bead shall be in approximately equal segments spaced approximately equally around the circumference of the joint. 

2. The completed part of the bead shall be removed and rewelded after removing the clamp. 

3. The completed part of the bead shall be peened before removing the clamp. 

4. The completed part of the bead shall be at least 4 inches long for all pipe sizes 

5. None of the Above

Q:- For welder qualification, the specimens shall be prepared for tensile-strength, nick-break, and bend tests. When tensile-strength tests are omitted:

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1. The welder is not qualified
2. The weld must be redone
3. The is not covered in API 1104
4. Tensile-Strength specimens shall be subject to the nick-break test
5. Extra face bends must be tested

Q:- The purpose of the hot pass is to

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  • Improve fusion
  • Improve profile
  • Remove hydrogen
  • Remove sulphur

Q:- For the structure termed martensitic to form in a c-mn steel it must first be heated to just below a critical temperature and rapidly cooled

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  • Just below its lower critical temperature and rapidly cooled
  • A maximum temperature of 550*C then rapidly cooled
  • Above its upper critical temperature and slowly furnace cooled
  • A full transformation to austenite then rapidly cooled