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AWS CWI Seminar Chennai

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AWS CWI Seminar Chennai
AWS CWI Seminar Chennai


Eurotech offer seven days of intensive CWI training that will help prepare you to pass the CWI certification tests. AWS CWI (American Welding Society – Certified Welding Inspector) course and exam will be performed on 18-24 December 2015 in Chennai India.

Course Description

  • Welding Inspection Technology Workshop – 3 DAYS
  • Visual Inspection Workshop( 1.5 Day)
  • API 1104 Code Clinic( 1.5 DAY)

Course Benefits:

  • Official Course for AWS CWI Certification
  • 6 Days Intensive Training
  • Includes Basic NDT Techniques and Welding Techniques
  • Results in Deeper Understanding of Welding Quality

Contact us by email or phone about the course. Puneet Sharma Email  id: +91-8196980555

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