Q:-Cast and helix are terms that refers to

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A. Ingredients in the flux coating
B. Bead deposition techniques for distortion control
C.quality of the welding wires
D. Sources from which wires are drawn


AWS CWI | Certified Welding Inspector Certification Chennai Tamil Nadu

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Attend Our AWS CWI Semminar in Chennai

AWS CWI | Certified Welding Inspector Certification | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Eurotech offers 7 days of intensive Certified Welding Inspector Certification Seminar that will help prepare you to pass the AWS certification tests. Our experienced instructors will help you learn the material you need to know fast and show you how to use and understand the latest standards.

AWS CWI – Official Seminar 6 Day Authorized Seminar Chennai

AWS CWI Course Details:

Welding Inspection Technology Workshop – 3 DAYS

Helps prepare you for the CWI/CWE Exam (Part A) The Welding Inspection Technology Workshop is packed with information on nondestructive examination methods applicable to common welding processes. It will assist welding inspectors and welding educators with knowledge of welding and inspection fundamentals useful on the job site. In addition, this seminar will prepare examination candidates for Part A (Fundamentals) of the Certified Welding Inspector examination.

Visual Inspection Workshop (1.5 Day)

Helps prepare you for the CWI/CWE Exam (Part B) This workshop provides hands-on training in the use of weld measurement tools and plastic weld replicas to determine the sizes of various weld discontinuities. Students will compare what they find to the criteria in a sample codebook to determine the acceptability or rejection criteria of the sample weldments. The workshop also includes a sample practical examination to prepare test candidates for Part B (Practical Applications) of the Certified Welding Inspector examination. By attending this workshop, you can learn Use of inspection tools. How to ensure compliance with the applicable code. Dos and don’ts of documentation. When a discontinuity is acceptable. When a discontinuity can be rejected. Why visual inspection can be the most effective NDE technique.

API 1104 Code Clinic ( 1.5 DAY)

Helps prepare you for the Certified Welding Inspector Exam (Part C) if you are testing to API 1104 This four-hour course covers general provisions of API 1104, including qualification of welding procedures for welds containing filler-metal additions, design and preparation of the joint for production welding, nondestructive testing and acceptance standards, and automatic welding with and without filler-metal additions. Candidates will be given the Course material for training before the workshop and are supposed to come with a thorough reading in the class.

Benefits of AWS CWI Certification:

– Official Course for AWS Certified Welding Inspector Certification

– 6 Days Intensive Training

– Includes Basic NDT Techniques and Welding Techniques

– Results in Deeper Understanding of Welding Quality

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Q:- Which of these statements are true concerning lamellar tearing

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  • A hydrogen level increase lamellar tearing which more likely
  • As material thickness increase ductility decease making lamellar tearing more likely
  • Lamellar tearing occur in a HAZ
  • Lamellar tearing effect all type of joints

AWS CWI 7 Days – Official Training In Chennai

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AWS CWI 7 Days - Official Training In Chennai
AWS CWI 7 Days – Official Training In Chennai

Are you looking for AWS CWI 7 Days – Official Training In Chennai

Dear QC Engineers,

Now is your Golden chance Become Certified Welding Inspector. Just attend our CWI Seminar & Exam in Chennai next month.
We feel proud to announce that Eurotech AWS American Welding Society Agent India’s best welding training provider of AWS-CWI certification is going to start its 7 days AWS-CWI certification program in Chennai.
We are the foremost training provider of AWS-CWI certification course since 2009. We have talented and experienced tutors and our course is strictly designed as per AWS-CWI syllabus. Our finest teaching method helps candidates in successfully clearing their AWS-CWI exam. If you also want to clear AWS-CWI in your first attempt, then register for our AWS-CWI program today.
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