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AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training Schedule/Calendar 2019

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AWS CWI Course Training Seminar Schedule/Calendar 2019

AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training  Schedule for the Year 2018

Next AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Seminar Schedule in India 2019

Sr. No. Site Code Month Seminar Dates ExamDate City
1 IN70119 January 5th January to 11th January 12th January Chennai
2 IN71519 January 20thJanuary to 26th January 27th January Delhi
3 IN70319 February 2nd February to 8th February 9th February Mumbai
4 IN72219 February 15th February to 21th February 22nd February Cochin
5 IN74819 March 13th March to 19th March 20th March Chennai
6 IN75619 March 23rd March to 29th March 30th March Ahmedabad
7 IN77619 April 20th April to 26th April 27th April Delhi
8 IN78619 May 29th April to 5th May 6th May Chennai
9 IN79819 May 18th May to 24th May 25th May Mumbai
10 IN82719 June 21st June to 27th Jun 28th June Ahmedabad
11 IN84519 July 15th July to 21st July 22nd July Chennai
12 IN85819 August 27th July to 2nd August 3rd August Delhi
13 IN86219 August 6th August to 12th August 13th August Cochin
14 IN88219 September 25th August to 31th August 1st September Mumbai
15 IN88819 September 5th September to 11th September 12th September Chennai
16 IN50519 September 23rd September to 29th September 30th September Ahmedabad
17 IN51219 October 11th October to 17th October 18th October Chennai
18 IN53819 November 11th November to 17th November 18th November Cochin
19 IN54119 November 16th November to 22nd November 23rd November Delhi
20 IN55719 December 29th November to 5th December 6th December Ahmedabad
21 IN56519 December 9th December to 15th December 16th December Chennai
22 IN57919 December 23rd December to 29th December 30th December Mumbai

We are glad to inform you that Eurotech has announced its AWS CWI 6 Days Training and 1 Day Exam schedule for 2019. We are going to organize our new courses of AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector for Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad India.

 Eurotech Announced AWS CWI Training Schedule/Calendar in India 2019

So anyone who wants to become an AWS approved CWI Certified welding Inspector can join our AWS CWI Seminar and get this prestigious certification and leads to greater heights in his career.

Click Here To See AWS CWI Training Schedule for India 2019

Interested Candidates Can Feel Free write or call Us for More Information
Puneet Sharma | Call : 08196980555 | E-Mail |Eurotech ACS Pvt. Ltd

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#AWS Certified Welding Inspector Training Course – CWI Test Exam

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AWS Certified Welding Inspector Training Course
AWS Certified Welding Inspector Training Course

AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training, Course, Test, Exam, Seminar, Certification in Mumbai

Are you looking for AWS Certified Welding Inspector CWI Training Center in Mumbai? if you are, then you’re at the right place, On this Blog  we are not just going to pitch you to attend our AWS CWI Seminar, Our AWS CWI training instructors also going to provide you lots of valuable information on what, why and how to do AWS Certified Welding Inspector CWI Exam.

Eurotech offer 7 days of intensive AWS Certified Welding Inspector Training Course that will help prepare you to pass the AWS CWI Certification Exam. Eurotech experienced instructors will help you learn the material you need to know fast, and show you how to use and understand the latest welding standards.

We have Four Location for AWS Certified Welding Inspector Course:

  1. Mumbai
  2. Chennai
  3. Ahmedabad
  4. New Delhi

You can Check here Next AWS CWI Training Schedule 2017

Who Should Attend CWI Certified Welding Inspector Course?

All personnel whose responsibilities are in making decision, exercising of judgment concerning welding operations in the following industries. Like Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Power Stations, Ship Building/Ship Repair and Construction, Offshore Fabrication, Railways, Service and Maintenance and Metal Fabrication.

Eligibility CWI Certified Welding Inspector Exam/Seminar:

Minimum of 5 year industry experience or Minimum of 3 year industry experience with degree/diploma holders in engineering, technology, engineering physics or physical science

  • Associate or higher degree in engineering technology, engineering, or a physical science 3 years
  • High school diploma plus two or more years engineering/technical school courses 3 years
  • High school diploma plus one year engineering/technical school courses or one or more years of vocational education and training in a welding curriculum 4 years
  • High school diploma or approved high school equivalency diploma 5 years
  • At least 8th grade 9 years
  • Less than 8th grade 12 years

Course Type:

6 Day Authorized Seminar

Benefits of Certified Welding Inspector Course :

– Official Course for AWS CWI Certification

– 6 Days Intensive Training

– Includes Basic NDT Techniques and Welding Techniques

– Results in Deeper Understanding of Welding Quality

Certified Welding Inspector Exam Pattern:

Part A – Fundamentals 150 2 hours 72% Close Book

Part B – Practical 46 2 hours 72% Close Book

Part C – Code Book 60 2 hours 72% Open Book

Certified Welding Inspector Course Description:

Welding Inspection Technology Workshop – 3 DAYS

Helps prepare you for the CWI/CWE Exam (Part A) The Welding Inspection Technology Workshop is packed with information on nondestructive examination methods applicable to common welding processes. It will assist welding inspectors and welding educators with knowledge of welding and inspection fundamentals useful on the jobsite. In addition, this seminar will prepare examination candidates for Part A (Fundamentals) of the CWI examination.

Visual Inspection Workshop ( 1.5 Day)

Helps prepare you for the CWI/CWE Exam (Part B) This workshop provides hands-on training in the use of weld measurement tools and plastic weld replicas to determine the sizes of various weld discontinuities. Students will compare what they find to the criteria in a sample codebook to determine the acceptability or rejection criteria of the sample weldments. The workshop also includes a sample practical examination to prepare test candidates for Part B (Practical Applications) of the CWI examination. By attending this workshop, you can learn: Use of inspection tools. How to ensure compliance with the applicable code. Dos and don’ts of documentation. When a discontinuity is acceptable. When a discontinuity can be rejected. Why visual inspection can be the most effective NDE technique.

API 1104 Code Clinic ( 1.5 DAY)

Helps prepare you for the CWI Exam (Part C) if you are testing to API 1104 This four-hour course covers general provisions of API 1104, including qualification of welding procedures for welds containing filler-metal additions, design and preparation of the joint for production welding, nondestructive testing and acceptance standards, and automatic welding with and without filler-metal additions. Candidates will be given the Course material for training before the workshop and are supposed to come with a thorough reading in the class.

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Please Contact To Puneet Sharma via phone: +91-8196980555 or by email at to reserve your place early and to be issued a CWI application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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