Practice Test Aws API 1104

Q:- Atmospheres for shielding an arc may consist of:

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1. Inert gases, active gases, or mixtures of inert and active gases
2. Only inert gases are permitted
3. Only active gases are permitted
4. No gases are permitted for welding
5. none of the above


AWS CWI Official 6 Day Seminar in Pondicherry Tamil Nadu India

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AWS CWI Official 6 Day Seminar in Pondicherry Tamil Nadu India

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AWS CWI Seminar Details:

Part A: Helps prepare you for the CWI/CWE Exam (Part A) Welding Inspection Technology Workshop – 3 DAYS
Part B:  Helps prepare you for the CWI/CWE Exam (Part B) Visual Inspection Workshop( 1.5 Day)
Part C:  Helps prepare you for the CWI Exam (Part C) API 1104 Code Clinic( 1.5 DAY)

AWS CWI Course Benefits:

  1. Official Course for AWS CWI Certification
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  4. Results in Deeper Understanding of Welding Quality

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